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How Telematics Can Revolutionise Fleet And Personal Drivers

Do you wish you got brownie points for being a good driver? There’s an ever-growing area of car insurance that gives you the chance to get just that, as well as a discount on your insurance as your reward. According to the AA, when questioned, nearly 70% of drivers rate themselves as above average, with…
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Why Are Industrial Cyber Attackers Targeting Manufacturing Plants?

Manufacturing is one of the top 3 industries targeted by cyber criminals. Why is the sector failing to tackle the issue? The UK is currently the world’s ninth largest manufacturing nation, with the industry generating 45% of our exports, 14% of business investment and 68% of business research and development. Yet cybercrime poses a real…
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Digital Manufacturing Could Be a £74 Billion Opportunity For The UK

Research from KPMG, commissioned by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), has highlighted a £74 billion opportunity for the UK in the automotive industry alone, if the manufacturing industry fully embraces digitalisation over the next two decades.   The UK automotive industry is calling on the government to support the sector’s future competitiveness…
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Price of fuel is the biggest worry for fleet managers

According to a poll conducted by window company Autoglass last year, 66% of fleet managers said the price of fuel is their biggest worry in 2017. Service and maintenance costs followed closely behind at 64%, whilst CO2 emissions came third – which shot up from being in final place in 2014. Given a list of…
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