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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance.

Liability Insurance Howard Insurance

Liability Insurance by Howard Insurance

We offer a wide range of liability products, from standalone public liability insurance to combined policies and for those type of businesses that don’t require cover for premises, including landowners with unused land and forest areas which the public have easy access to.
We can get you an excellent deal on business liability including combined liability and company public insurance.

Public Liability

Public Liability cover will help protect you against claims and lawsuits. If a member of the public or a customer is accidently injured or their property is damaged because of a mistake by you, they are entitled to make a public liability insurance claim for compensation, so make sure you’re covered.
Employers’ Liability Insurance
If you employ staff, Employers’ Liability insurance is a must-have to ensure your business is protected against claims by employees.

Product Liability

Product liability will pay compensation costs to a person who is injured by your products or if your products cause damage to their property.
You may also want to take a look at our Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance to protect yourself against action taken by employees, shareholders and other interested parties.

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